e-Government Research Group

eGRG | Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Interdisciplinary research group with over 25 years of experience in the management and participation of EU- and state-funded research projects in IT (more than 50 EU-funded projects). Part of the Laboratory of Informatics, Computational methods and Information Security, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


Name Role
George Pangalos, Prof. Em.Director
Zoi Kolitsi, PhDSenior Policy Advisor
Ion Pagkalos, Asst. Prof (IHU)Technical Coordinator
Yiannis SalmatzidisProject Manager
Nikos Serkentzis, PhDResearcher, Software Engineer
Athanasios SiachoudisIT Manager
Gerasimos Vasilopoulos Consultant / e-Justice
Nik GkountasSenior Software Engineer
Sotiris AngelisSoftware Engineer


The research group is focused on e-Government, dealing with the applications and implications of IT in all levels of governance. Some of the specific research areas include:


Project Duration Topic Funding
ICANEPO2023-2025International Court ApplicatioN for the European Payment OrderEU
SimpliVi2023-2025Simplifying Cross-Border Judicial Videoconferencing in EuropeEU
Me-CODEX III2021-2023Continued management, development and maintenance of the e-CODEX systemEU
TREIO2020-2023Training on European Investigation OrderEU
LEILA2021-2023Multilingual European platform for Judicial AuctionsEU
EXEC II2020-2022Electronic Xchange of e-Evidences with e-CODEX - Phase 2EU
Me-CODEX ΙΙ 2019-2021Continued management, development and maintenance of the e-CODEX Core Service Platform (CSP)EU
EXEC 2018-2020Electronic Xchange of e-Evidences with e-CODEXEU
Health e-ID 2018-2020Connecting national e-Health services infrastructure to e-IDAS EU
i-Support 2018-2020Automated cross-border recovery of maintenance obligations with use of I.T.EU
CEF2017-2021Deployment of Generic Cross Border e-Health  Services in GreeceEU
Find-an-Expert2017-2019On line access To Trans-European Judicial Expert databasesEU
e-CODEX PLUS2017-2019Extending e-CODEX services to the European E-Justice PortalEU
Evidence2e-CODEX2017-2019Linking EVIDENCE into e-CODEX for EIO and MLA procedures in EuropeEU
ENABLE2017-2018Enabling electronic access to information for the judicial enforcement of claims in EUEU
Pro-CODEX2016-2018Programming for enabling Users to exploit e-CODEX servicesEU
Me-CODEX2016-2018Maintenance of e-CODEX cross-border servicesEU
API for Justice2016-2017Application Programming  Interfaces for e-Justice applicationsEU
e-CODEX II 2014-2016e-Justice Communication Via on-line Data Exchange for Europe - ExtensionEU
EXPAND2014-2016Expanding Health Data Interoperability ServicesEU
e-SENS2013-2016Electronic Simple European Networked ServicesEU
SOHealth2013-2014Smart Open Internet Services for HealthGSRT (GR)
eHGI2012-2014European Electronic Health Governance InitiativeEU
NewS4EESSI2012-2013Study on real-time service extensions for EESSIEU
BIOTAFTOTITA 2011-2013Advanced Secure Biometric Identification  MethodsGSRT (GR)
epSOS II2010-2013Development of European Patient Smart Open ServicesEU
e-CODEX I 2010-2013e-Justice Communication Via on-line Data Exchange  for EuropeEU
NETCARDS IV 2009-2011Deployment of The Netc@rds Concept In EuropeEU
IKA SMART CARD 2008-2008National Implementation of A Smart-Card Based  SystemIKA (GR)
epSOS I2007-2009 Development of European Patient Smart Open ServicesEU
Smart Card e-HEALTH2007-2007Regional Implementation of A Smart-Card Based SystemYPESDA (GR)
NETCARDS III2006-2009Further Deployment of The Netc@rds Concept and service In EuropeEU
VODAFON Security Study2006-2007Analysis And Improvement of The Company’s ICT Security Framework Vodafon S.A. (GR)
IP/PROG 2005-2007Multimedia  Computing Security And ApplicationsEU
NETCARDS II 2004-2006Pilot Implementation of The Netc@rds  Concept In EuropeEU
IKA MARTCARD2004-2006Pilot EHIC  Implementation In GreeceIKA (GR)
SCOFI Program2002-2004Developing Security IT Filters For A Safer Use Of  The InternetEU
OPUS2002-2003Optimal And Secure On-Line Procurement  And Auctioning EU
NETCARDS2002-2003Use Of Smart Cards For Easier And Secure Access To National HC SystemsEU
AGROMART2001-2003On-Line Systems For Agricultural Market Information  And MonitoringEU
MOBI-DEV2000-2002Mobile Computing Devices For  Secure HC SystemsEU
CDA/IP1999-2001Information and Communications Systems Security – IP EU
CDA1998-2000Advanced Computing - ODL ApplicationsEU
IHC1998-1999Development of A Secure Internet Based HC Systems Over The InternetEU
GAIA1997-1998Development of A Generic Information Availability  ArchitectureEU
UNIVERSE1995-1997Development of Secure Information Availability SystemsEU
IKARUS1995-1997Development of Secure Health Care EnvironmentsGSRT (GR)
ISHTAR1995-1997Development of Security  Guidelines For H.C.  Information Systems EU
SEISMED-II1994-1996Development of Secure Health Information Systems (ΙI), EU
DALI 1994-1996Implementation of Secure Automated Library SystemsEU
EUROMEDIES 1994-1995An Inter-European System For The Control of Medical DevicesEU
PDC Initiative1993-1993Implementation of Secure Patient Smart Card Based Systems EU
SEISMED-I 1992-1994Development of Secure Health Information SystemsEU
AIAS 1992-1993Advance Secure Database Systems Development EU
AEP INSIS1992-1992Use of I.T. For  Improved Information  AvailabilityEU


Aristote University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Engineering, 3rd wing, 1st floor. tel.: 2310 99 5985

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